Hey there you've reached our monolith mile page!
How does it work?
1 - Sign up.
2 - In a few days you'll get your very own 3d printed monolith!
3 - Go for a run. While you're on your run, take out your monolith.
4 - Snap a pic!
5 - Upload it. use the hashtag #monolithmile

The more your post and use the #monolithmile and tag @happilyrunning the more you'll get entered!

How far do I have to run? Far enough to get to your spot and snap that pic!
How big is the Monolith?
 - About 6"x2"
How heavy is it? - SUPER light maybe 2oz
How do I upload the pictures? We're going to ask you to upload them EVERYwhere.. on RaceRoster, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.. whatever you're on! Make sure you use #monolithmile so we can find it!
Where are the prizes from? We're working with some local ( Northeast) running shops to get some prizes, but if you know some local to you, feel free to let us know.